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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment: Patron Requests

Place a Local Item Hold for a Patron in Alma:

Search the persistent menu bar for the item the patron is needing:

Use facets to narrow down your search:
















After you find the needed title, click the option button to Request the item:


Below shows a clearer picture of this options box:

In the request/process type drop-down select: Patron Physical Item request


Requester field – scan the patron’s ID or enter the patron’s name

Click Submit to finish the request:


The system confirms your request was placed successfully:

Place an I-Share Request for an Item in Alma

Perform an "All titles" search with keywords in the persistent search bar for the title you need to request.

Use the Network Zome or NZ tab to view materials held bby I-Share libraries.

Use the facets on the left, to filter your search by Resource Type, such as Book.

See the I-Share Library that holds the item you are requesting

Place a Resource Sharing request

Use the patron's name for the request you are placing on their behalf:

Click Add Rotas

Add the NZ (Network Zone) Rota, see below:

Click save when done

The system confirms if the request is successful:

View Patron Requests on Alma Patron Record

Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services

Pull up patron record

The row actions list allows you to edit, cancel, or update the expiry date of the request.