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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment Proxy Borrower

Request a Library Proxy - Form

Set up a Proxy Borrower in Alma

Navigate to:

Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services 

To set-up a proxy borrower, look-up the patron record that you want to add the proxy borrower to:

Select “Edit User Info” in upper right-hand corner of Alma:

Now select “Full Information” in the upper right-hand of the patron record

Select the tab: Proxy For

Add Proxy:

Use the look-up feature to look-up the patron you plan to add a proxy for:

Click Add User

Now the user is established as a proxy borrower on the current patron record.



Proxy Borrower Checkout

Navigate to:

Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services

Look up the patron that wants to check-out the materials for the other patron – make sure you check the “Use Proxy” box to reveal all patron’s this patron currently proxy’s for:

Our patron is serving as the proxy in this transaction:

Scan the item barcode, the loan is now charged out to the other patron.

Proxy Borrowers

Proxy borrowers are anyone designated by request to the library to have another person check out materials for them on their patron record.