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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Catalog print monograph added by Acquisitions

Cataloging print monograph added by Acquisitions

This workflow begins with Acquisitions and will include a green slip. The bibliographic record and inventory have already been added. Your workflow will involve reviewing the bibliographic record to ensure inventory was attached to the correct record, overlaying the record with an enhanced record from Connexion (if necessary), reviewing the holding information, adding an item or completing an already existing item, and creating a work order for physical processing. 

  1. Locate the bibliographic record by selecting from the Task list Items--In department.
  2. Locate the record from the Title list and click on it.
  3. Review the record to ensure it is the correct record for the item in hand.
  4. If it is not the correct record, see instructions for Relinking to a new bibliographic record (with or without PO line).
  5. If the record is the correct record but needs enhancing, search for the record in Connexion by OCLC number. (For special situations, see Updating a record in Alma.)
    1. Enhance the record and export to overlay the NZ record.
    2. Search for your record again to make sure it updated.
  6. Open the record in the MDE by selecting Edit
    1. If the record has not been shared with the NZ, select File--Share with network.
  7. Ensure the call number is unique by setting your cursor at the end of the 050 field and selecting Tools--Browse Shelf Listing
    1. Refine your browse results by adding the cutter letter
    2. Select Go
  8. Select View Inventory (if the View inventory icon is grayed out, click on the bibliographic record)
  9.  Review holding information (Library, Location, and Call Number)
    1. Edit if necessary
  10. Select View Items from the ellipses

  1. Open the item in the Physical Item Editor by selecting Edit under the three dots on the right side of the page

  1. Review/update item information as necessary
    1. Copy ID
    2. Material type
    3. Item policy
    4. Enumeration and chronology fields, if required
    5. Barcode (if your scanner is programmed with a hard return, scan in the barcode last)
  2. Save item (if you scan in item, you may not need to select Save).
  3. Confirm work order action, if necessary.

  1. Select Back to go back to the MDE to save and release your record.
  2. From Task List, select Items – in department
  3. Find your title and select the box to the left

  1. Go to the top of the page and select Change Status
  2. From the drop down menu, select Labeling
  3. Select Change Status