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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Importing a new record from Connexion

Importing a new record from Connexion

Use the following workflow to bring in a new record from Connexion after your have determined no record exists in the IZ or NZ (you have searched by ISBN, OCLC #, title, and your mother's maiden name).

  • Locate the correct bibliographic record in Connexion.
    • If the record does not need updating, skip to Export record to Alma below
  • If the record needs updating:
    • Ensure the record is not a PCC record as indicated with a 042 field of “pcc”
    • Keeping in mind OCLC’s Basic principles of the Expert Community, enhance or hybridize the Connexion record as necessary:
      • Select Action—Replace and update holdings
    • If you get a message “Not authorized toreplace record,” do not worry about replacing the record. Select OK and move on to the next step.


  • Export record to Alma
    • If your export was successful, you will get the following message


  • Optional: Copy the MMS id from the status message and use it to search for your record in the NZ
  • Search Alma for your record in the NZ
  • Add inventory