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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment Patron Record Management

Patron - No User Record in Alma

Try to look the user up by their name or 800#. 

Ask the patron if they are a new student, faculty or staff member?

- Yes: Ask them their: start date? - if it was over a month ago, they should be in the system

-No: Are they local, not affiliated with the university?

If they would like to become a Friend of Lovejoy Library, follow this link and get a Circulation Administrator or Circulation Manger to create them an account.

New externally managed patron's, like new students, faculty, or staff will upload into the system at regular intervals (first 3 weeks of the semester - daily, with continuous weekly uploads all other weeks of the year).

Current Circulation Administrators and Circulation Managers may enter new internal(local) patron's and external patron's that will later be merged at the next patron load. 

Direct Link to the Digital Internal and External Patron Online Form:

Internal and External New Patron Online Form

New Patron: Local, Friend, Community Patron (Internal)

Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services

To register a new user click:

Community patrons User Management Information section will be set to NO, in the "Patron has Institutional Record Field"

Passwords will need set for community borrowers too (*how will we handle this?) Phone #’s? 

Need to select the “Force password change on next login” if we go with a generic password (how to handle this?)

Complete all other mandatory fields marked by a red * asterisk in the remainder of the patron record.

Now click update user:

You can now check out items to the patron.

New Patron: Student, Faculty, or Staff Member Patron (External)

Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services

To register a new user click:

Create LibWizard for registering new patrons - embed widget

SIUE East St. Louis Charter High School

The SIUE East St. Louis Charter H.S. is a unique case for patron records in Alma. The students attend the charter H.S. will not automatically be loaded into Alma through our routine automated patron loads. As a result, students from this High School wanting to check materials out from Lovejoy Library must follow the procedures for receiving a new internal patron record, as outlined above.
Please note: Faculty and Staff from the SIUE East St. Louis Charter High School are employed by SIUE and will automatically be loaded into our Alma system through our automated patron loads.  These patrons will have external patron records in our Alma system.

Patron Record Management

The majority of patron records seen in Alma for Lovejoy Library will be "externally managed" through the campus CAS (Central Authentication System). These external users will have their personal information fed into Alma out of CAS at regular automated intervals.

Current employee's, student's, and retiree's needing to update their personal information in Alma, should be referred to CougarNet > Personal Information menu.