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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment: Letters

Configurations for Setting Email and Letter Retention Reports


The documentation below, comes from the Fulfillment Committee's work during the Alma Migration in 2020:

Setting Letter Retention

One off deletion of letters on users account:
By default, letters sent by Alma are retained indefinitely and available on the Attachments tab of the User Details (see Managing User Attachments). You can add a retention period, in number of days, in the Retention Period field of email letters so that the configured letters are deleted after a certain number of days.

Weekly job that purges letters after X number of days ago:
A weekly job, Letters Purge with Retention, deletes all enabled letters, if they were created more than the configured number of days ago.

Question, how many days do we want to keep letters on the patron's record?

Team just met 20200429 10am to discuss - determined all patron facing letters retain for 7 days on patron record, will auto purge at that time.  All relevant information is retained on the patron record anyway.  We can always change this if need be later. Two letters internal letters - Fulfillment Resource Sharing Print Slip Letter and Fulfillment Resource Sharing Transit Letter - also will be retained for 7 days and auto purge at that time.  

ITS Associated Email Accounts: No reply email inbox - notices are sent through this account, will automatically purge the sent folder every 7 days. - public facing account, where patron's can email inquiries - sent and recycle bin will auto purge every 30 days.  Need to delete emails out of inbox, once patron inquiry is answered to completion.


Letters to the term that Alma uses to describe patron notices and relevant library slips.

The above spreadsheet outlines the Fulfillment Committee's work determining what letters to turn on in Alma and then to edit the language of those letters.

Alma Migration Team: Fulfillment Team progress outlined below:

As soon as I receive word that the CARLI Letters website is published, I plan to get started on this action item. - srm
This site is live, I will dig into this in the next day or two and then call a meeting with Codey and Dee.

I just went into the Letters Configuration and updated the language on the following letters - previously outlined by Marlee and the Fulfillment Team as ones to activate in Alma:

Borrower Overdue Email Letter
Cloud IdP User Created Letter
Courtesy Letter
Externally Obtained Email Letter
Ful Cancel Request Letter
Ful Fines/Fees Notification Letter
Ful Lost Loan Letter
Ful Overdue and Lost Loan Letter
Ful Overdue and Lost Loan Notification Letter
Ful Pickup Pinter Slip Report Letter
Lending Recall Email Letter
On Hold Shelf Letter
Overdue Notice Letter
Resend Notification Letter
Reset Password Letter
Shortened Due Date Letter
Short Loan Letter

Team met today: Ted, Michele, Codey, Dee, Shelly to review each activated letter, updated the spreadsheet, and discuss any remaining letter configurations.  srm 20200422

Spreadsheet updated in the Team's site OneNote Letters section. Per what activation's, deactivation's, and those marked to review later.

Shelly disseminated a list of letters besides, that were distributed through the CARLI Resource Sharing committee, she asked each member of Access services to review the list and let her know any they wanted to explore to possibly update and/or turn on.  Ted sent Shelly his responses to this list yesterday 20200427.