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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment: Lost Materials

Materials Lost on Patron Record, Now Found and Renewed

Patron's may let materials become overdue to the point that they are marked "Lost" in the system.  When a patron has materials in this status, that they want to keep longer, you will need to navigate to the patron's record, locate "All loans" and then locate the items that need to be marked "Found Item"

Use the "Found Item" function to update the item status to "Renewed"

Please note:

If there are processing fees/replacement fees associated with said item, clicking "Found" will automatically waive the replacement costs, but not the processing fees. Likewise, clicking the ellipses of an item that has been checked out, then clicking "Lost" will not only mark the item as Lost, but will also automatically assign the normal $75.00 replacement fee and $20.00 processing fee