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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Tips for searching in the NZ

NZ searching tips

  • Since inventory is not maintained in the Network Zone, a Physical Titles search using the Network tab produces no results. Use the All Titles search when doing a search from the Network tab.
  • Search for new titles in the Network Zone with an All Titles--ISBN search for most accurate results. This includes new records imported from Connexion as Connexion is configured to export to the Network Zone.
  • It appears suppressed bibliographic records with OCLC numbers did not migrate to the NZ. For the time being, if you do not find a record for your title in the NZ, check the IZ prior to importing a record from Connexion.
    • If the IZ record is good, link it to the NZ and add inventory.
    • If the IZ record needs to be enhanced and a better record exists in Connexion, link the IZ record to the NZ and overlay the record with an updated record from Connexion. See Updating a record in Alma.