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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Add inventory to NZ record

Add inventory (without a PO line) to an NZ record

Use this workflow to add inventory without a PO line to an existing bibliographic record in the Network Zone.

  1. Search the NZ for the correct record.
  2. Select Edit to open the record in the Metadata Editor (MDE).
  3. Select Add Inventory--Add MARC21 Holdings--Books
    1. The holdings screen will open to the right of the bibliographic record.


  1. Put your cursor in the 852 field and select CTRL + F to open the form editor.


  1. Select the correct Sublocation or collection from the drop down menu under b and the correct Shelving location from the drop down menu under c.
  2. Save the record.
    1. The call number will automatically be pulled in from the bibliographic record. Confirm the call number is correct. Correct the call number if necessary. If you make corrections, save the record again.
  3. Select Add Inventory--Add Item
    1. The Physical Item Editor screen will open.
    2. Reserving the barcode for last, fill in the item information.
      1. Material type
      2. Item policy
      3. Barcode (scan in)
  4. You will be taken back to the MDE. Close the Inventory screen. 
  5. Save and release the holding record.
  6. Save and release the bibliographic record.

4. If item needs a spine label, create a work order to send item to Physical Processing.

Updated 8/16/2022