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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Browsing by call number in the MDE

Browsing by call number in the MDE

Use these instructions to ensure that the call number you are assigning an item is unique, appropriately assigned, and that the Alma holding record has pulled the call number from the correct 050.

Pay attention to the 2nd indicator of the 050 field. It will tell you who has assigned the call number.

050 _0: A second indicator of 0 means the call number was assigned by LC. Take the call number as is. Occasionally, you may have to adjust the cutter.

050 _4: A second indicator of 4 means the call number was assigned by an agency other than LC. Confirm the call number was appropriately assigned by reviewing the Browse Shelf Listing in Alma or reviewing the call number in Cataloging Calculator. If you are uncertain if the call number was appropriately assigned, give the book to the Cataloging Supervisor. 

Pay attention to the call number in the holding record as well. Sometimes a record can have multiple 050 fields or an 090 field. Ensure your holding record has pulled in the correct call number. 

If there are two 050 fields with the same base call number, but two different cutters, use the Cataloging Calculator to determine the correct cutter to use. 

Alma Procedures:

With your bibliographic record open in the MDE, set your cursor at the end of the 050 field. 

Select Tools—Browse Shelf Listing (or ALT + C).

A split screen will open with your record on the left and the shelf list on the right.

Your call number will populate in the Call Number box.

Review the results. If the call number was not assigned by LC, does it fit in the shelf list? Is the call number unique?

If the call number has already been assigned to another item (and the item you are cataloging is not a second copy), adjust the cutter or give to Cataloging Supervisor. You can use Cataloging Calculator to make an adjustment to the cutter. (A new edition of a title will have the same base call number and cutter, but the call number will have a different year).

If the call number in your record is unique, click on your record on the left side of the screen and continue to add inventory.

Updated 1/30/21