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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment: Checkin

Checkin Items in Alma

Check for Damage, first:

Only checkin items that have been checked for damage.

Flip through all books to visually inspect them for pencil marking, highlighter, rips, water damage, etc.

Open all DVD and CD cases to make sure all items are in the proper case, if they are not, give the item to the manager on duty.

Damaged items:

If an item is found to be damaged place it on the cart marked damaged do not discharge. 


For items not damaged, follow the procedure below:

In Alma go to: Fulfillment > Return Items

This will build a running list of items checked in during this session below.

Remember to watch the screen for Lost or Missing items, if you encounter these, please direct the materials to the billing manager immediately. 

Once the items are scanned you will stamp a green due date stamp under the last due date stamped in the back of the book.  Initial next to the left of the stamp, if you are the one checking in and discharging these materials for the first time. 

For double checking checked in and discharged materials: place your initials next to the right of the stamp at completion of the second double check.

Discharge - Sensitizing Materials at Check in

Login to the computer 

Login to Alma, using your username and password: 

Navigate to Fulfillment --> Return Items 


Open the Bibliotheca application 


Note the Operation: Check-In in the top of the application. Use the icons to toggle to Check-out, if needed. 

The sensitizer also provides information on the operation being performed: Check in or Checkout 

Slide book, barcode up, spine to the discharge machine to sensitize items back into the library.  ! The machine will make a poot noise when discharging items ! 

The barcode scanner scans the barcode and checks the item back into Alma and a list forms for each item returned.  

Replacing a Target for Discharge

Two Ways to Replace A Target:

Hard cover Book:

Use the shorter one-sided sticky Target with the aluminum rod.  Stick the rod down the spine of the book between the cover and the spine, this will only work on hard cover books.  Remove the covering from the Target to expose the sticky side.  Stick about a ¼ inch of the target to the aluminum rod, then slowly pull this through the spine of the book until the Target is fully inside the spine.  Then press down on the outside of the spine and pull the aluminum rod out, while keeping the Target in the book. 


Paperback Books:

Use the Target with sticky on both sides.  Open the book at about the half way point, remove the plastic from one side of the Target, place it in the crease of the book as far in as you can get it.  Make sure it is stuck then remove the other plastic covering and close the book. 


All new Targeted materials will need to be re-run over the 3M machine to make sure they are sensitized.

Return items on a Patron Record

Alma also allows you to Return Items when you are in the patron record:


Checkin means processing previously checked out items back into the library for reshelving. 

In Alma the function that does this work is: Return Items

Discharging is the process of sensitizing items if they are coming back into the library, to ensure the gates will ring when anyone tries to walk out with the item(s). 

Discharging to desensitize the item, is when we discharge the item to keep it from making the gates ring when a patron exits the library with their checked out material(s).