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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Changing item location

Changing item location

An item's location should never be changed from the following places:

  • Physical Item Editor
  • Scan In Items
  • Change Physical Items job

An item's location should only be changed by changing the location in the holding. If there are many items that require a location change, give to Cataloging Supervisor to run a batch change job. To change an item's location:

  1. Search for the item.
  2. Open the bib in the MDE.
  3. Select View Inventory.
  4. Select Edit for the holding.
  5. Change the item's location in the 852 $c.
  6. Save and release the holding record.
  7. Save and release the bib record.
  8. Optional: Confirm the item location reflects the new location.

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