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LIS Alma/PrimoVE Internal Guide: Fulfillment: Renewals

Renew I-Share Materials

Patron's will need to log in to their Primo VE account to renew I-Share materials. Those materials that no longer have renewals available will need to be returned and re-requested in the I-Share system.

View List of Checked Out Items (Renew All, Renew Selected, Return Patron Loans)

Fulfillment > Manage Patron Services

Look up patron

Use the drop-down menu in the Loan Display to: View Loans this Session or View All Loans

Note in the Loan Display: All Loans would be visible in this scenario

Click the row actions list to: (right)

  • renew the item from here,
  • place a work order request
  • review loan history
  • mark the item lost or claimed returned
  • change the due date
  • view, add, and edit notes on the loan
  • view request queue for this item

You can renew all loans for this patron, by clicking: Actions --> Renew All or Renew Selected (for only a selection)